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by mssbid
Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:00 pm
Forum: [H] Software
Topic: *** Requests for apps/patches H series ***
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Re: *** Requests for apps/patches H series ***

What I'd love to see is:

Switch off the LNB when it is not needed, e.g, during playback
of PVR or DLNA movies.

My 15 years old Humax and Dreambox STBs do this out of the
box but with the shitty Samsung TV the multiswitch stays
powered on the whole time ;-(.
by mssbid
Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:48 pm
Forum: [H] General
Topic: Reseting UE50H5570
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Re: Reseting UE50H5570

zoelechat wrote:
  • Also avoid Factory Reset, high brick risk !!! More, it's useless...
May I ask: Why is factory resetting a brick risk? Is this only valid
for rooted TVs or also for non-rooted?
by mssbid
Sun May 24, 2015 10:30 am
Forum: [H] Support
Topic: H series region change
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Re: H series region change

Regarding the auto-update process - surely it has to use the network to check for new firmwares. This means it can be intercepted at DNS level (and write a custom rule in dnsmasq (I assume most routers have the option of custom firmwares and give you the ability to change DNS responses), or at fire...

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