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UE40B7000WW remote don't work

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:25 am
by SeniorJunior
Hi, everyone!
There is UE46B7000WWXBT with Main Board BN41-01190A
When turn on TV,after 8-10 seconds stop working the remote and control panel.
By the way, earlier, after some time, the remote began to work again.
Problem in the Micom WT61P8E UART0 TXD output,after 10 seconds the output stops transmitting signals to Chelsea (SDP83) UART3 input.
For a couple of hundred kilometers from home found a working BN41-01190A board from the UE40B6000VWXXH TV with a broken led panel.
Can I install and configure this board in my TV.