Media Play and DLNA disadvantages

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Re: Media Play and DLNA disadvantages

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defiler82: yes upload please, that would be great

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Re: Media Play and DLNA disadvantages

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The Flac player does not work. I run it from menu, screen goes blank and after few secs it returns to content library as many other samygo apps. No player interface, anythig. After that i tried to play FLAC from media player, TV doesn`t recognize FLAC files. I guess, here are sources only not compiled app? How do i get it working?
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Re: Media Play and DLNA disadvantages

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For me, the biggest problem with DLNA playback is the lack of support of Audio switch with MKV multi-track.
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Re: Media Play and DLNA disadvantages

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hi all, is there any progress in the flac support? it would be really great if the built-in media player was able to play flac files!
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