SAMSUNG - UE46B7000WW backup settings

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SAMSUNG - UE46B7000WW backup settings

Post by minotavrs » Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:56 am

Hi brothers

I have SAMSUNG - UE46B7000WW (B series ) with yahoo widgets 1.2.11
I have also install Samygo telnet app, FTP app ,dts app, Netborwser and channelinfo with no prob..

i want to setup facebook widget and i need to setup ireland as my country

I would save my current settings in a USB drive before setting the country to Ireland because i don't want to tune again all my current channels list"

How i could this... can you help me... in whitch ftp folder i could backup this settings ?

As u understod i have no option at all to save in usb my current settings...

thanks in advance

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Re: SAMSUNG - UE46B7000WW backup settings

Post by juusso » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:00 am

You can save your channels to usb and restore them back. But just only channel list, not other settings.
wiki wrote:Samsung TV Sets store channel information in several files on /mtd_rwarea. The files can be extracted to a usb drive using a hidden built-in export/import function, by pressing Vol- and then holding enter for 5-10 seconds.
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