UE46B7000WW Xperia Z Throw Problem

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UE46B7000WW Xperia Z Throw Problem

Post by minotavrs » Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:34 am

Xperia Z Throw function transfers music videos and photos from phone to TV via DLNA and Home Network
Unfortunately Samsung UE46B7000WW TV transfers the files but not play any video format from my Xperia Z (i get : "this video file not supported" message)
All these video files are working with no problem via External USB Drive to my TV...
The photos and music are being transferred and played with no problem in my TV...

I have setup the following to my TV
FTP Server...

I suppose is a DLNA problem...
Any help tip or addon to fix this ?

Thanks in Advance

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Re: UE46B7000WW Xperia Z Throw Problem

Post by ciccio65 » Fri May 02, 2014 11:54 am

Hello everyone, I would like to kindly get information about the TYPE indicated by the factory on Samsung UE46B7000WW XXH. If anyone has this model of TV can you please send me the screenshots of the parameters that are in the MASTER RESET (submenu also). I mistakenly changed a parameter, and now some features of the TV are inaccessible.
Anyone know how to delete the software that I've upgraded to 3002 to riprestinare to factory?
Thank you for your cooperation.

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