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Re: UA32B6000 (T-CHL5DAUC)

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merv07 wrote:You da man aquadran,

Today I rebuilt rootfs and kernel images and tried again and to my surprise :o :shock: :o SUCCESS in booting my UA32B6000 LED TV from USB using u-boot.
TV and remote now seem to be working fine, scanned channels and viewed TV all fine.

Log of start-up & running TV (used remote changing channels, access menu items etc.) below if interested in a look.
(seem to have some errors but TV worked fine)
What could or should I be trying next?

Now it's getting very much more exciting as can see some potential.

great :) don't worry about some errors, there are "original" samsung's errors :D

I saw in logs, you don't use network right ?

I'm still waiting for b550 confirmation before move things forward.

Look into svn OE logs for changes :)

btw. if you like play in coding stuff for arm. you can build "externalboot-devel" image with plenty tools, i think not all things are ok, but that is next thing i'll look.

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Re: UA32B6000 (T-CHL5DAUC)

Post by aquadran »

merv07 wrote:
No not on my model TV, no Ethernet port and only 1 USB port.
Is it possible to use USB hub and boot from USB and try to get USB WiFi dongle going also?
yes, use usb hub, i'm also using.

however depend on chip inside in wifi dongle may or may nor work due lack of drivers or needed to be added additionaly.

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Re: UA32B6000 (T-CHL5DAUC)

Post by arris69 »

hemal999 wrote:Hi All,
I am new to this forum. I have UA46B7000. Can anyone please provide me compiled Samygo extentions for Samba server through Content Library?
Or just provide me proper steps for it, coz I have searched a lot for that but not able to get as much. Just give me your OS version on which you are compiling the code and steps for compiling.
Once I am able to compile it, I can help others for anything. In my carrier I have worked a lot in video and codecs.

question is why you post in a thread (UA32B6000 (T-CHL5DAUC)) when your device is UA46B7000 (T-CHU7DEUC) :?:
btw. you can use the precompiled (released) versions from SamyGO Content Library Applications
if your tv supports content library stuff.


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Re: UA32B6000 (T-CHL5DAUC)

Post by juusso »

merv07 wrote: Question:
When TV started and all working including remote, pressing 'Crtl-C' to enter command prompt stops remote from working. Is this normal?
Yes. It is.
merv07 wrote: If normal, how do I start remote to begin working again?
You have to reboot TV :) (power plug off->plug in)
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