Help with B-series autoload

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Help with B-series autoload

Post by djdubz » Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:41 am

djdubz wrote:So to partially answer my own question I figured out how to get at least the app(s) to run by typing a command via telnet (username=root). You must copy the source and destination files to each location so the script works right for example if I want to run the samyGO remote app on android I made a original (when the app was loaded it was created) folder called:

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Also one (destination folder) called:

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Both folders must contain the same files from what I can tell. I did a simple cp *.* from one folder to the other and mkdir to create the new folder(s) destination(s).

Once I had this in place I simply ran this and the script ran and loaded the samygo remote app without entering the context menu via command line using telnet:

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nice -n 19 /mtd_rwarea/inject/injectso `pidof exeDSP` /mtd_tlib/swf/OTHERS/Remote/ Game_Main /mtd_tlib/GGame/Remote/
Now that it has been figured out that I can run a script to launch the SamyGO Remote (Game) without entering the context menu (or any other games/apps etc) to start the SamyGO Remote (Game) how do I get it to start @ boot. Also why doesn't telnet work until my tv is on? Will SamyGO Remote (Game) ever work prior to the tv being on? I have attempted to edit the:

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vi /mtd_rwarea/
but I cannot get it to load at boot, I have edited sleep commands with higher sleep times prior to the command listed above to launch the SamyGo Remote and it still doesn't work. What am I missing here? What must be edited to load this simple command @ boot?

I OBVIOUSLY don't want to brick my tv so could someone with some actual knowledge help answer some of these questions?
Here is my current

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# Enable Telnetd                                                                                                                       
if [ `cat /proc/mounts | grep -c "/dev/pts"` -lt "1" ] ; then                                                                          
        echo "telnetd Enabled"                                                                                                         
        mount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts                                                                                                
        echo "/dev/pts is mounted"                                                                                                     
# Open back-door for fixing boot-loop situations                                                                                       
sleep 20            # Allow USB-stick to settle                                                                                        
USB="/dtv/usb/sda1" # USB mount-point                                                                                                  
if [ -f $USB/ ];then                                                                                                             
        echo "USB-File detected"                                                                                                       
        echo "Running Normal SamyGO Startup"                                                                                                  
#Your lines here!                                                                                                                      
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Re: Help with B-series autoload

Post by achim » Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:26 pm

Hey. Search Firmware for autostart samygoremote for le40b652. Please help

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Re: Help with B-series autoload

Post by juusso » Fri Sep 25, 2015 12:09 pm

And... what`s the problem?
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