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Hexedit C630 with VAL6DEUC exeDSP and use AS firmware upgrade

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:34 am
by aanev
The reason for this is to change primary subtitle/audio language (Gaelic) to point to Undefined language that was already done on older B models for Lithuanian/Slovenian language ,but tutorial is not online on internet anymore.
1. I managed to decompress original firmware with 7zip and decrypt with sammygo patcher and get exe.img file.
2. I have decompressed exe.img with 7zip and then hexedit exedsp file. Everything is done in Windows , I have changed hdg,hdg,alg to my language.
3. Now I need to make new exe.img with compressing ...but I don't know how to make similiar exe.img file from patched exedsp and other files that I have already decompressed with 7zip. Maybe I should only compress with 7zip and rename from exe.7z to exe.img ? Maybe I should use linux instead to be safe, any tips for this?
4. If step 3 is Ok, next I should use sammygo patcher script to encrypt files so I can use them for firmware upgrade. I have read that in validinfo.txt I should see if CRC code is Ok. I don't understand if I should manually change this file or sammygo patcher is calculating this CRC code. Because exedsp is hexedited is this CRC code changed or not?
Will this steps make upgradable firmware or because I manipulate with exact same version firmware it will not give me to upgrade with this patch ?