PS58C 7000 Reset firmware to 0000 no Hack

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Re: PS58C 7000 Reset firmware to 0000 no Hack

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yes, downgrade still works.
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Re: PS58C 7000 Reset firmware to 0000 no Hack

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kauka187 wrote:Firstly, thanks to this forum I was able to dowgrade my tv from 3009 back to 2004. My girlfriend accidentally upgraded my tv and ruined my 3D experience. Anywho, thats done.

Now my ps50c7700 has now asked to upgraded to 3011. Before taking the plunge, could anyone tell me if this downgrade method still works.

afaik, you can disable the automatic firmware updates using the OTN (over the network) option in the service menu. just change it to off and there will be no reminder from the tv about the new firmware releases anymore
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