Multi-output Audio MU7000

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Multi-output Audio MU7000

Post by guionbajo » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:48 pm

Hello, i have an UN55MU7000 TV and a HW-J250 soundbar. I read in other post the following.

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There are two ways to pair bluetooth devices on this TV (un65ju6700). If you are using the TV SoundConnect option then when you select your speakers the TV speakers are switched off. 

If you can pair the speakers using Bluetooth Audio then the Multi Output option will be available. Bluetooth Audio is usually used to pair headphones, and I'm a little worried that if you do get it to work there might be a slight delay between the speakers and the TV.
If i put the soundbar in Bluetooth intead of SoundConnect the tv does not find it.
The only way to connect it to the tv is in SoundConnect mode.

Is there another way to activate the Multi-output Audio in the tv? Maybe in service mode?


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