UE65MU7075 Service Manual + ADC results

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UE65MU7075 Service Manual + ADC results

Post by xptzxptz » Tue May 22, 2018 9:59 pm

Hello forum members,
I need explanation about the calibration patterns needed for this particular model (MU7000 series UE65MU7075) : it seems some TVs need a b/W, while others need a b&W with primary colors a the bottom of the pattern... Could someone tell me where to find the UE65MU7075 service manual as PDF ?
I would also be interested by your ADC results. Here are my HDMI calibration results, made using one of the 2 B&W + bottom color patterns attached here.
** Unfortunately, I now personnaly find that TV colors are a bit boring, with a bit too much green globally, a light weak contrast, and too much red on european skins (as if people stayed too long time in direct sunlight ;-) **
1st_Y_GH: 256
1st_Y_GL: 65
1st_Cb_BH: 256
1st_Cb_BL: 128
1st_Cr_RH: 256
1st_Cr_RL: 128
2nd_R_L: 133
2nd_G_L: 133
2nd_B_L: 133
2nd_R_H: 68
2nd_G_H: 68
2nd_B_H: 68
Any ideas ?
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