UE50MU6120 adding bluetooth possible?

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UE50MU6120 adding bluetooth possible?

Post by Asxetos »

I read this TV comes in 3 variants out of the factory.

1. Wifi/bluetooth hardware already installed and enabled.
2. Wifi/bluetooth hardware already installed, but Bt is disabled in settings.
3. No bluetooth hardware whatsoever. Wifi only module is installed.

Since i have variant No 3, swapping the wifi only module with the right wifi/bt module would do the trick?


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Re: UE50MU6120 adding bluetooth possible?

Post by goral »

How do you know which you got?
How do you know there is no BT?

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Re: UE50MU6120 adding bluetooth possible?

Post by Kazar »

yes, you can buy a new wifi+bt with cable (flat is different for only wifi module, if i remember only 8pins vs 10pins).
on ebay it cost about 20€. you have to open tv (very simple) and change it, then go to service menu and enable bt, bt services and probably you should change also wifi brand,depends on new chip (in wifi internal brands).

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