Enabling PVR?

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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by DonaldDuck »

yes, and I can also play contents stored on the USB (flash)

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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by gth2004 »

I have a nu8000 55 in 2018 USA model...
I was able to get into the extended service menu using an IR blaster app on a phone with an IR. Using the info , factory, 3speed commands I got to the Local Set option and saw 4 options here : none, us, Canada, and Mexico.
( my set shows US, as expected).

Question: if I change the local set to None or Mexico will this enable the PVR on the TV ?
Risk for either option ?

Note : 2 years ago I was able to get an H series TV pvr option enabled using this process by changing the local set to Carribe as documented elsewhere. But the 2018 model only shows us,Canada,Mexico, and none as explained above.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by gth2004 »

I changed the Local Set from US to SD_Mexico (under the service menu/options) and record and schedule to USB appear to be working OK.
(also, Extended PVR is on under MRT section) -

Note - once you get into the service menu...... Local Set is available under Options.
(H series required entering 3speed to get access to Local Set field - this does not appear to be the case with the N series)

Got into service menu using info->factory commands with IR blaster app.

Note : I do not have Samsung Smart Hub enabled - not sure if that would impact things . (never installed/ok'd smart hub)

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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by F9jpJET7 »

Massimo555 wrote:
Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:52 pm
Ok, good. In my case I had the local region fixed to EU_italy. I switched to EU. After that I’ve enabled Extended PVR to ON and I’ve done a factory reset. Finally in the very first tv configuration I’ve been able to set a country different from Italy and I selected “other”, it’s the last choice in the country list.
Pro: my PVR now works!
Cons: after reset the channel list was ordered in alphabetically order. I ordered all my preferred channels and than exported on USB (in case I have to reset again in future).

Please remember that using the service menu could be very dangerous for you tv. I was very worried while I was doing that.

Let me know.
I tried the steps that worked for you but my UE49NU7105 (bought from Finland) still pops up a windows saying there are no USB devices available. I started off by resetting my television to factory condition, then set my region to generic EU, enabled the Extended PVR and plugged an empty (still NTFS-formatted) external hard drive to the HDD USB port. PVR features appeared in the UI, but were never functional. I contacted the Samsung support and got a reply that PVR and TimeShift are only supported starting from NU74xx. The problem might also be that my tv is in cable network rather than antenna. I think I read somewhere that PVR is only supported in antenna mode.

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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by jmi383 »

Sorry to revive a couple month old thread, but - I'm trying to get PVR working on my KU6300 I bought in 2016. I am able to simply enable 'Extended PVR' through the service menu and make it work perfectly, but this resets each time I turn my TV off/on. So I'm trying to instead change my locale setting....

The problem is, my remote stops responding if the locale is set to anything other than US (available are None [which I've been afraid to try], Canada, Mexico, and Carribe). After the reset when changing, ANY button pressed on the remote generates the 'Not Available' message, including the pairing combo, and I need to use my phone remote to use the TV or reset to US. I have the small smart remote.

Has anyone seen these issues and found a way around them?


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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by JoshuaMuse »

DonaldDuck wrote:
Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:48 pm

Until now, I have only been able to enable the PVR function in the menu, but when I try to record at TV show, i get's 'a USB device are not available' - I have tried serverals things;
1) Enabling Extended PVR'
2) Change firmware version to NU7400
3) Tried different regions EU_UK, HKG

But always the same result, I won't accept the UBS device
Can you share or post a link on how to change firmware to NU7400?
My guide: link#1 - link#2 - link#3

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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by sastone75 »

I have an NU8000 US version and I'm looking to enable PVR. The local set options are None, US, Canada, Mexico. Has anyone ever chose none and if so what did it do? Also, do I have to change my smart hub settings as well? I have a Samsung Service Remote so I've been able to get to the hidden menu, I'm not sure if I can get to the advanced menu portion using the 0000 code or not yet. I'd be grateful for any help.

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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by meinlet »

Hello i just bought a Samsung TV UE70RU7092 and i notice that there isn't a option to record programs.
I managed to access Service Menu, my Local Set is EU, and in MRT Option i turned ON Extended PVR but every time it comes back to OFF.
Is there a chance i missing a step? Because i can not imagine a tv set around 1000 euros can't handle a simple recording function.
Thank you in advance.

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Re: Enabling PVR?

Post by sectroyer »

It looks you need to root to enable PVR
I do NOT support "latest fw" at ALL. If you have one you should block updates on router and wait for it to STOP being "latest":)
If you want me to help you please paste FULL log(s) to "spoiler"/"code" bbcodes or provide link(s) to pasted file(s) on http://ctrlv.it/ Otherwise "NO HELP"!!!
If you want root DISABLE internet access to your device!!!!

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