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Scan dvb-t&dvv-s

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I bought a ueQ7fnatxxc 1 1/2 month ago, because it had 2x: dvb-s/s2 dvb-t/t3 and dvb-c..
Ahaaa all tuners and even two of them.
That + the one-Connect box made me go from Sony to Samsung.

In the store I was told it was possible of course to scan dvb-s/s2 and dvb-t/t2 an mix them in fav. lists.
I had at that time only satellite TV,I gave up my pay-tv channels and installed an arial antenna last week, so I can see danish national TV stations that are free in dvb-t2. (Denmark)

BUT... How to scan ? When I try to scan dvb-t all dvb-s channels are deleted, and vice versa.

The store don't know, ( they obviously changed their mind, and have never said any about it), Samsung support say it is possible, but when I ask for instructions on how to do it, they don't t know and are waiting for information from Samsung in Korea..

One other thing is it doesn't have Android which also means there is no app to stream the before mentioned channels..

Anyone that have any other solutions to this, than dump it and buy a Sony, Philips or LG. I can see on YouTube that those brands can do a scan for several dvb's... and also mix them in favorites.

Extra boxes are not a solution, I wanted a one box solution... And one remote..

I sure do hope there is a solution..

Thank for any answer 😁

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Re: Scan dvb-t&dvv-s

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It is possible...

But it is not smart. Actually light years from being smart.

To switch from a dvb-t channel to a dvb-s channel you have to press 11 buttons at least. (11 if you go from dvb-t fav. One, channel one to dvb-s fav. One, channel one.)
It is not possible to add channels from both dvb's in same favorite groups.
You have 5 for dvb-s and 5 for dvb-t
If you rename for example dvb-t fav. one to "dvb-t One" that makes the fav. dvb-s fav One also to change name to "dvb-t One".

BUT you can't see the channels from dvb-t when you are in dvb-s and vice versa.
why they change each others favorite names is really weird, if they can not be used together.
Looks like a software bug.

Samsung in Denmark don't answer about it, only that it is possible, ( if you press 11 buttons) - but how to combine fav. channels and why they change each others names they don't answer about at all, and throw me back to the store. The store blame Samsung.
So I am trapped with a TV I can't use..

There are no apps to receive national TV in denmark. Samsung blames national TV stations for that.

NOT what I call a Smart TV at all...and incredible bad support. -very disappointing.

Only way to get it work smart is to buy a box with a combined dvb-t and dvb-s receiver + and an android TV box + a programmable remote.
or buy another TV of another brand.
So far I have realized that Sony, Philips, LG and several others work with combined fav. lists, and also have app's to receive local TV in denmark (Android)
The last solution, to buy a new TV and dump this, is properly the cheapest I think...

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Re: Scan dvb-t&dvv-s

Post by zoelechat »

Chrumphfebachh wrote:
Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:59 pm
To switch from a dvb-t channel to a dvb-s channel you have to press 11 buttons at least.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Samsung :)
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