UA43NU7100 - Missing Transfer Channel List

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UA43NU7100 - Missing Transfer Channel List

Post by Mahdose »

I have NU Series "UA43NU7100" and it's missing Transfer Channel List.
I have used service mode to enable hidden features like HDR+ (which is horrible btw) but I could not find an option in service menu to show or enable Transfer Channel List. It's very frustrating to auto tune every couple months to add/remove obsolete and new channels then spend long hours to set hundreds of channels and sort them in favorites. Any help with this?

What would be other useful features to enable for this model? I enabled QUHD and TV starts with QLED logo now!

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Re: UA43NU7100 - Missing Transfer Channel List

Post by juusso »

Transfer channels option was removed from your tv model at software level. I wonder why Samsung did such modifications but this is reality. They only know why.
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