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Deactivate HDR

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Hi Everyone,

I have NU7100/NU6100 Samsung Tvs on my home. Recently the HDR hype has peaked on netflix. The problem is that the quality of the content is horrible on these TVs when watching through the Netflix App, either the image is too Dark/Dimmed or the colors are washed out rendering the content unwatchable.

This issue occurs with other TVs as well and every other device, however I tried resolving this issue with different setups, configurations, though Samsung Support or Netflix Support but that ended nowhere. Samsung blames netflix and Netflix blames Samsung and it becomes a cycle. Funny enough this issue also occurs on LG and Sony TVs... I've given up on trying to fix this this way and simply purchased a Google Chomecast 4K which I can safely turn off the HDR on the Chromecast itself and that's it. However this is not cost effective and I need more than one.

I'm also not the only one with this issue: ... b_netflix/ but samsung nor netflix cares about it....

That said, I'm not looking for advise or explanations on how HDR works or if I tried using service menu or HDR+ turn on/off options, etc... I already tried everything. Same or worse result.

I want to turn off HDR from the TV, I HATE IT, so since Samsung won't release an update to allow me to disable it. I want to try and patch the firmware of my device to do it. However I have no idea how to start and I only know that my TV's are running TizenOS. This is my device model: un50nu710d
Can you give a man a hand and point me into the right direction to fix this once and for all? Thanks.

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