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Get rid of developer firmware on QN75Q70RAFXZA

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:33 pm
by axelb0815
hi there :)

ive got myself a "new" tv that was placed in a mall before. its an QN75Q70RAFXZA or T-msmakuc

there is some kind of developer firmware installed on the device, that also helds a freaky timer in the upper left all the time

firmware version is: T-msmakuc-0705.80, bt-s

the model code was set to 0. i changed that and all hospitality options through the ext. service menu

but of course it isnt possible to install a consumer (or production) firmware on the device. it wont find or accept the update.msc on the usb stick (located at root/t-msm.../image/update.msc+info.txt)

can you tell me, if theres any way to get a consumer firmware on that device? It would be very neat to have all those developer stuff deactivated (like red hints at all settings and of course the timer)

in hopeful regards