QE43Q60RATXXH Freesync on?

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QE43Q60RATXXH Freesync on?

Post by CoolG84 »

Hi guys!

Sorry the bad english!

I know that the 49-inch version of the Q60 series is available with freesync.
The question is, can I turn on freesync for the 43-inch version?
Maybe from the service menu or somehow?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: QE43Q60RATXXH Freesync on?

Post by chaugi »

I have the same question, also am very curious.
But as much as I have checked service menu, I was not able to locate such switch.

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Re: QE43Q60RATXXH Freesync on?

Post by smp3 »

In the service menu there is an option "Game mode". Try changing it to a different value. On my TV the default is "0". When I changed it to 2 or 3 the Freesync option appeared in External device manager -> Game mode menu.

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Re: QE43Q60RATXXH Freesync on?

Post by lab85 »

does fresync function work on samsung 49q60r tv?

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