Start playback: int

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Start playback: int

Post by selby20 »

Help appreciated
Tv is stuck in some kind of loop, displays "start playback: INT" un text in top left in red. Goes through settings... Doesn't stop. Any way to stop this please?

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Re: Start playback: int

Post by obieq »

Hello I have the same problem.
Have you solved your?
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Re: Start playback: int

Post by samyq950 »

I wanted to make a remnant of my Samsung 8K TV
I went to the menu service – INFO MENU MUTE POWER
I have unfortunately been touching a line
The TV restarted with a progress bar indicating 2 minutesThen restarted and since I have a window------
MASS SIMPLE TIME 00.00 ( 00.00 is timer )End time: 350/ 650
start playback: INT
I can’t get out of the menu…TV restarts every 30sec/ 5 min
If I find in the menu service the remote control does not react and the TV seems crazy it does anything on its own!!!!! help me thank you!!!

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