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Samsung LN46C650 mess with it or just leave it?

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:21 pm
by scottfree1
Picked up a cosmetically re much perfect LN46C650 for a laughable $75, it was consigned at a repair shop and in the center 1/3rd it showed some dimming & vertical lines watching a dvd in the shop, it looked pretty bad (almost to the point of not buying it) but for $75 I couldn't not take a flier on it. So when I got it home it's been PERFECT, no lines/dimming nuttin but goodness..


So it came with the most current firmware which is pretty useless, I've done plenty of flashing of various linux/android devices and I've been poking around and the process for the "C" series seems to be intermixed with other series but it is not specifically mention in these pretty ominous warnings,
so my real ? is the c-series worth messing with?

"Warning : Firmware upgrade and root E/F/H/J/K/M/Q"
How To Disable Firmware Updnot worthes
In case you notice OTN support is greyed out, check second post of this thread for how to block updates on router level.
To be mandatorily done on J/K/M if you expect root one day, don't tell you were not warned!!

Re: Samsung LN46C650 mess with it or just leave it?

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:06 pm
by beatfreak
afaik the only reason to downgrade a c65xx would be compatibility for noDRM patch which works until 3011