Extended Service Menu after Enabling Hotel Mode

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Re: Extended Service Menu after Enabling Hotel Mode

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ajdi2 wrote:
vladoh2k wrote:Hi

can confirm that in 3005.1 is still working extended SM. Guide+ not working in Slovakia (DVB-T) :cry: . Anyhow great to have PVR even though only with EPG.

Any guide for all extended options out there? ;)


btw. i have C6500
Try changing the country to Germany. That should work.
I enabled Guide+ only when selecting Spain (there is no Germany or UK in my language box under Channel menu). I'm from Slovakia. After this i had option to select type of guide so I selected guide+. I tried to play with it and was selecting one of supported Guide+ countries and UK worked the best. However anyway i have problems with characters. I was able to see program guide also in Guide+ however there were strange characters. I was able also record and use advantage of Guide+ like adding additional minutes after or before... however look of program guide is quite strange :(. So i changed back to home country and use EPG with correct codepage to show information...

btw. i found a way how to record anything in any time, not just in EPG. Maybe it might be useful for somebody or maybe it is even in manual but i don't read them usually :).

When you go to menu/Channel/Channel Manager, you can see here all stored stations. When pressing "tools" there is option "Timer Recording" where you can easily setup any time, frequency, start and end time - like oldie VHS recorder. At least this :)

Hope Guide+ comes sometimes also here... or at least it will be enabled in my C6500 for all countries even if not officially supported so i can see correct characters....

I'm going to read now something about making my TV remote accessible using SSH/Telnet and Samba. I hope find something on wiki because a lot of stuff is spread in many topics... i'm still not clear what are risks when using Internet@TV hack... if i still can broke my TV or not

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