Extended Service Menu after Enabling Hotel Mode

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Re: Extended Service Menu after Enabling Hotel Mode

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yes I saw that there has to be a transmitter at t 7 Series ...

But would be nice to hear about the progreass if you are able to enable 3D at the C6700 :)


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Re: Extended Service Menu after Enabling Hotel Mode

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thorhammerk wrote:Hi,

i think thats not so easy. Yesterday i went to my TV dealer an checked out the c7700 and the glasses. On the left hand side of the TV you can see the emitter (like a small dot), looks like IR. In the middle of the glasses frame you can see the "receiver".
http://www.samsung.de/de/Privatkunden/T ... ifications, sorry the detail are much better on the german side :D
So it?s definitely IR.
So I cecked out my c6700 and i dont have the emitter on the front panel. Now i have the glasses and a 3D movie and i?m going to check this out this afternoon. I?ll get back to you.

Hi, at old A series service manual i find the 3d sync output signal(at this model have a socket not IR) is connected at lvds connector
A-series lcd&pdp.JPG
So it should be like "0" left eye and "1" right eye...
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