looking to get into the GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player

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looking to get into the GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player

Post by tdwhbp »

Hi all... i have an GX-SM530CF and from what I can tell samsung quit supporting it... i am looking to contribute and hopefully pop the hood on this... all i know so is it looks to be a BD with out the disk but it does have a CF port for a cable card... can someone point me in the direction to start I have the IP and Mac addresses bot cannot find an open port... id samygo could support this it may bring a whole new flow of people here.. i have talked to at least 5 people looking to get more features / support for the hardware. under firmware for mine all it says is Ver.1035


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Re: looking to get into the GX-SM530CF Smart Media Player

Post by kd6icz »

I know this is almost a year old but I just purchased one of these to replace a cable box.

You mentioned 1035 firmware. It looks like since you posted this 1040 was released. I am too wondering how much support Samsung will continue to provide this unit.

One plus is that Samsung is in the commercial cable box business as well so they should be able to port over technologies to this unit.

The apps suck.... Especially the Plex app. The unit works great except on Music Choice channels. The audio cuts out randomly. This seems to be an issue with CableCARD tuners in general. I have four HDHR Prime's with Windows Media Center and they cut out on MC channels too.

So since I haven't found any other good thread about this unit we can just use this one.

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