HG55ED890W Hospitality TV - can it be made 'normal'?

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HG55ED890W Hospitality TV - can it be made 'normal'?

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Hi, new to SamyGo i've recently purchased a Samsung Curved TV (model as above) and despite talking to Samsung UK am struggling to make it 'normal'. It's a hospitality Smart TV with the Smart Remote and everything. However, i have to go into the blue service menu (?) by selecting 'Info, Menu & mute then powering up just to be able to add widgets. Samsung tell me that it can never be like a consumer edition TV as it's restricted and i just feel like i'm missing out on what is effectively quite a capable TV. Does anyone know this model? I'd have hoped that it's technically a similar model to one of their consumer sets with different firmware... if so i wonder if it can be reflashed?
I've attached a pic of the engineers menu main screen, unsure whether it's of any interest or use but i'm a little blind at the moment.
thanks, and hi to everyone!
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