deploy tool for SamyGO Extensions

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deploy tool for SamyGO Extensions

Post by beatfreak »

idk if something like this already exists or how things are handled on tizen based tvs but i thought it might be comfortable to have some kind of installer to fire up after successful rooting

thats what i was thinking of:

execution condition:
right after successful root, launched same way as root check script, unattended install (maybe later: interactive update/upgrade mode)

Before dev start:
decide for transfer tool (rsync, wget, git clone, svn)
check if all patches are available with corresponding init script

contents of installer package:
conf-file (desired install path, what to do if already installed, which patches/libs/apps to install, wether to reconfigure kickoff script)
download tool for each architecture
list of available [stable?] patches/libs/apps
list of supported firmwares

>detect platform/firmware version (e.g. on C-Series "cat /dtv/info")
--> prcocessor architecture
--> name and path of usb_mount/kickoff script

>check for existing sGO extensions (only for path mentioned in kickoff script or entire firmware image)
not found: start installer
found: check for settings in conf file (abort/make folder empty then install/just overwrite everything[update]/only write files not yet existing) [for proper updating all changeme-sections of init scripts would have to be exported to seperate files that do not exist in standard install]

>check server for available SamyGo extensions depending on firmware version
no: leave note in logfile on usb drive

>set desired install path from settings in conf-file (default: the path where the installer was started from)
>check for free space and if writable
--> create install folder
> download extensions
> download selected patches (config free patches enabled, patches that require user settings as .init.dis)
--> leave note in lofile wich patches need to be configured in order to work

> if chosen, reconfigure kickoff script to auto launch extensions
> if chosen, immediately start extensions
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