Perma banned from Samsung Electronics website?!

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Perma banned from Samsung Electronics website?!

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So apparently admitting that I know more than the over the phone tech support people, calling back 3 times because I was hung up on 3 times, and being honest gets you banned from the website. \I still stand by my opinions though. All I wanted to do was know why they would put out software updates that would limit or kill functionality of flagship software such as screen mirroring or do something like mandate in a system update bluetooth lose part of its use since it's a couple of years old. Why would they do away with some amazing things that initially led me to purchase their products? What could my tv tuner type possibly be? Since you know, that mandatory update reset my UN49KS8000FXZA and gave me completely conflicting values in the bios? Why dont I ever actually get help when reaching out to tech support, and instead get transferred back and forth for 3 hours to come to the conclusion that they have 3 solutions?
1. Restart the phone
2. Restart your tv
3. Let me transfer you to mobile/home theater and back again
Why would they purposefully overload my leds and chipset with voltage? It just doesn't make sense to me and I just wanted answers, maybe see if I could revert my TV firmware back to a 2107 state. Why cant my phone find my tv and vice versa when they are 3 feet away from eachother but I can find the sony and Samsung television sets in my neighbors house? What's the deal with airline food? I mean its microwaved and at the altitude the moisture content is different than on the ground so it will never come out well? Why when I do get the 1/100 times when my phone and tv do see eachother they cant communicate like a dog trying to speak cat but it comes out more like squirrel? Can I get my god damn money back? What about that major class action suit for my model of TV? (UN49KS8000FXZA)? Is there a reason I cant use my tv as a thing in Samsung smart things anymore? It used to work... And lastly, why did they put out the note 10+ with "gorilla glass" that acquired major scratches after using the spen (my sean penn lol) for 10 minutes new out of the box? Why was the ultra hard tip preloaded onto the spen and not the softer black one? These are things customers like to know, and I'm not sorry about asking them

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