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IPTV Editor Tantruttv + Buscador IPTV

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 3:24 pm
by brutus
IPTV Editor Tantruttv + Buscador IPTV


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IPTV Editor is a program that lets you import M3U or CSV playlist files for IPTV channels. It lets you sort by channel, groups, and so on. You can manage the below information with this editor.

Channel Name
Channel Number (or leave blank)
TV Guide Name (for EPG work)
Group Name that the channel belongs to
Icon URL

Aside from editing this basic information, it allows to do imports to add lists together (instead of just editing one list at a time). You can verify the links in your list to make sure they are not dead (does not test stream availability). You can then remove all the dead link channels in a single click of a button. You can also export this in two different M3U formats. Each is compatible with different players. One has just the channel number and name on one line, and the URL on the next. The other type (listed as Kodi in Export), exports all the information you can manage per channel and can be used with an EPG setup if you build an EPG and have the correct names in the M3U file. You can even do a copy all of channel names to EPG names if they were empty or listed as EPG N/A in a single click.


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