Screen Reader for Blind People

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Re: Screen Reader for Blind People

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erdem_ua wrote:Blind people (with %0 view) could listen the movie (also in dubbed another language with native language subtitles) and read with their fingers.
Well we would have to hook "subtitle display API" and send every line at a time at which it is displayed...
erdem_ua wrote:Also if movie is dubbed in blinds native language, he can perceive words that missed by ears due noises on movie....
It's pretty common to prepare special audio track for deaf people which is re-heard multiple times to be sure it doesn't have this problem :)
erdem_ua wrote:I just offered that due it is simple to do and AFAIK none made such an implementation.
We don't need it since have working eyes but might it's good to use such a thing for blinds.
It might be simple but we just don't have ANY experience with breil :D For me it sounds like black magic :)
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