How to decrypt recordings of BD-E8300

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How to decrypt recordings of BD-E8300

Post by kapito999 » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:15 pm

Hi all,

I do have a BD-E8300 recording DVB-T TV on a 2 TB disk. Soon I am going to be out of DVB-T but I want to use my disk (only 1 TB used) on the new receiver. How do I get my recordings decrypted to be accessible without encryption.

I read through lots of stuff in the forum and the wiki, but I do not get it. :(
Do I need to root my BD-E8300? Which tools do I need?
Just install SamyGO_Extensions_Pack an run samyGOPVRDecoder? How do this work? How do I get SamyGO_Extensions_Pack running on my BD-E8300?

Setting the DNS in IP-configuration setup as mentioned here ( ... sions_Pack) did not give me a working internet connection.

Help would be very appreciated.

Best regards

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