Samsung BD-E100 UX - Sky Q mini remote opening disc tray

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Samsung BD-E100 UX - Sky Q mini remote opening disc tray

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Hoping someone can help me.

Situation is this.

Samsung BD-E6100 XU Blu Ray player. Running latest FW 1067. A Sky Q mini remote (not the bluetooth one) is erroneously opening the blu ray disc tray. e.g. You are watching sky, press the sky button on the sky remote, then press the "up" button and this will open the Blu Ray disc draw! Press it again and it will close. This simply shouldn't be happening.

I found this link on Sky Q - group of people with same issue. - ... 265/page/3

This is what I have done so far:
1. I contacted Samsung support chat and explained the issue. They said they would send specific firmware out in the post to resolve.
2. Letter turned up but no USB key inside (envelope was ripped).
3. Contact Samsung again and they said they would send it out again.
4. USB key arrived - I unzipped it and put it in the source file of the USB.
5. The BluRay player doesn't accept this. It says "No file available to upgrade. Please check it and try again".
6. I contacted Samsung again, they said:
a) Samsung are working on new firmware - I don't believe this as this was raised in March 2016 and still not resolved.
b) The USB they sent me doesn't work because the it is 1067.1 and my player is already running 1067 so it thinks it is the same - therefore disregards it.
7. Worth mentioning I have already tried different Sky Q mini remote 'samsung codes' to try and find a combo that doesn't interfere with the BR player. (14 different ones to be precise) - none resolve this.
8. Some people are suggesting (from the link above) - that 1065 resolves this - If I can get access to this then it might be possible but I believe the current player will see it as a historical file and therefore disregard it.
9. I have considered putting some black tape over the IR on the BR player!
10. I have also disconnected all HDMI control and AnyNet+ (as activating the disc tray then redirects the source from TV from Sky to BR)

Does anybody know of any solution that can fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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