Rooted Samsung BD-C8200 / BD-C8500

Samsung's BluRay player related hacks.

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Re: Rooted Samsung BD-C8200 / BD-C8500

Post by erdem_ua »

I can add BD firmware decryption support to SamyGO Firmware Patcher easily.
Only I needed the firmware names and related decryption key tree, nothing more. :-)

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Re: Rooted Samsung BD-C8200 / BD-C8500

Post by djsmeegy »

Hi guys, I know it's quite long time ago since there's been something posted, but I need your help.

I have samsung BD-D8200 blu ray player.

Till today I really have no idea that this device can be even rooted :shock::shock:

Can you someone help me if it's possible to root my device by same procedure as in 1st post?

Or should I change something?

I have problem w/ DRM management and due this I'm not able to play recorded stuff. Also I'd like to backup recorded stuff to my pc.

Thank you for any help.

Edit: I searched and found that D-series of BD players are not supported, so is there any way to root my device? Or should I replace my player?

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