BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Samsung's BluRay player related hacks.

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by chaosmaker »

Hi everyone,

I know its hard but dont put cinavia as an issue! What you should say is that you would like to revert to an earlier firmware as you believe the software was better implemented there. The more Cin*a*ia talk is here - the more likely it is that the site is going to be removed. So please try and be thoughtful.

Anyway, is there a firmware version that has the features you want? Or did your bluray player already come with it. In that case it may be much more difficult to remove.

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by akshayadv »

I appreciate it.
The player was June 2012 manufactured and the firmware that came with it already was bugged.
I havent upgraded the firmware. I dont really know whether there exists any earlier firmware without the issue.
Thats why i am here for help, just in case.

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by Michaelsplint »

Help! Just bought the bd-e5500. No hacks seem to work, but as I see it, the machine has a brand new firmware (2012/10/05_001018)

Is there any way to get this player region free (I'm in a region 2 European country) - I've tried the hack with the on/off, eject in/out, waiting for "no disc" and pressing stop (or return) and punching in 5 digits - but with no luck (and I blame the new firmware)

So - any idea if I wasted the money?

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by takuhii »

I'm in the same boat, need to Region Free the DVD portion of the BD-E5500 and I'm on firmware 1018. Only got it a month ago :(

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by Tinyturtle »

Hi everybody,
I'm in the same situation than Andycqos, idollar, akshayadv, Michaelsplint and takuhii.
I'm owner of a BD-E5500 (DVD Region 2), and this player can't be region free with firmware 1018, so impossible to play DVDs region 1 (that don't exist in region 2). Try to downgrade with procedure in first page of "BD Firmware Downgrade (SamyGO Proof of Concept)" thread, but it seems that product still not supported now by Samygo (Message : No new firmware shown).

Some help would be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by TwistedBlue »


I just bought the BD-E5500 with region code 2 and wanted to remove the region code - however this seems to be impossible with the 18 Version firmware. I would really appreciate if you could make it possible for me to revert to a previous firmware version (tried proof of concept - unfortunatelly not working as described before).

Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes,

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by gonzalo7373 »

Guys, I also bought a BD-E5500 with firmware 2012/09/18_001017.
I tried to downgrade the firmware in order to apply the region hack, but the firmware downgrade does not work ("no software to upgrade currently").

First, is there an easy way to check if the DNS change worked? In the network status page, it clearly says DNS Server, but it says "network set up complete, but cannot connect to the Internet". Under IP settings, it says DNS Mode "auto", and then the DNS server in grey font.

If the DNS change was done in the proper way, then it might be the case that SamyGo is currently not supporting this firmware downgrade, or it might not be possible to downgrade anymore from my firmware version onwards....

Please help!!!!! Obrigado, Gracias, Thanks, Danke, Merci.


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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by Scorpio17 »

Does somebody try to edit firmware in a HEX editor? I opened firmware 1018 in such editor and changed the date(not sure it's necessary ) and at last column in the 8th line I changed 10180 to 10271(this one digit above last firmware 1027.0. there really bad works fast forward and rewind at MKV files. ) Also I renamed BSP-C5500WWB-1018.0.RUF to BSP-C5500WWB-1027.1.RUF I inserted my flash into the playes and reports there is new firmware BSP-C5500WWB-1027.1.RUF I'm just doubt about is it upgraded correct or not. From one side I have cheated player software and it thinks it's the new firmware, although it is just the old one, but I'm not sure it can work without bags or even destroy the player. Does somebody have any ideas?

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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by juusso »

If you have warranty, you have big choice to check this and if failed - service should replace it.
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Re: BD-E5500 firmware downgrade

Post by Scorpio17 »

You have to rename any BD-C5500 firmware file, it has to be above 1027.0(latest firmware at the moment) for example 1027.1. Then open this file by any HEX editor and modify 8th line, there you can see the number of version, it has to be the same as name of file, in my case 10271, save this file and copy to your flash. Then you have to take another flash and copy the firmware you want to install. Next, you are switching on you player, insert the flash with 1027.1, player show the message you can upgrade new version, push YES. The player switches off to prepare to upgrade, this moment you have to quickly off your first flash and insert another one with the firmware you want to install. It doesn't matter it has previous version, for example 1021.4, the player continue it installing because the procedure of checking was already successfully passed)

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