BD-D6900 DTS problem

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BD-D6900 DTS problem

Post by kagzer »

I have an annoying problem with my BDP.
DTS output is faltering and has some delay.
My receiver display switching from DTS to DD continously and if DD is displayed no sound comming from speaker (of course because source is DTS).
Kbps is no matter.
If i switch to DD or turn on PCM downmix sound is OK.
I have tested the receiver and other DTS source is OK.

I can convert DTS to DD but to be honest it takes too much time with my lowcost PC.

EDIT: If i use DVD source, no any problem with DTS, only from FHD mkv.

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Re: BD-D6900 DTS problem

Post by NeoMoucha »

unfortunately from time to time I have the same problem with mkv files
sometimes even simple remux of the mkv file helps
but sometimes not and I have to convert dts sound to dd(ac3)
bitrate of the dts really doesn't matter
I love SamyGO :)

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