c8200 hdd partition format?

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Re: c8200 hdd partition format?

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kamazepine wrote:
Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:53 pm
here's the partition scheme for a working intenal hdd. Got it by trial and error. the actual sizes can be modified to your needs, all that matters is the partition layout and correct filesystem. recommended tool is gparted on linux but you might as well use some partition utility on win as long as it supports ext3 and xfs.
Hope this helps!bluray drive config.png
Hi, I needed some HHD for backup, so I decided to use 1TB drive from my BD H8900. One would think, that the device can recreate the partitions itself :D. So I was really surprised when I found out, that this is not that case :)))

So thanks to your wizard skills I was able to recreate partitions and BD is again up and running. It’s still helpful in 2018.

Thanx again! Peter

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Re: c8200 hdd partition format?

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T-Val9deuc? Filesystem is almost same for whole c series starting with c650 series.
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Re: c8200 hdd partition format?

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Hello kamazepine . After 3 years your answer helped me solve the problem of my Blu ray player. thank you so much

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Re: c8200 hdd partition format?

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Hi. Kamazepine it also helped me in 2020. I Just partitioned a 1TB drive according to your picture, and put it in a bd-d8200n player and it worked great. Thank You

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Re: c8200 hdd partition format?

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is the any tutorial on how to swap a hard drive in c8200 then

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