Samsung BD-F5100 DVD Region free

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Samsung BD-F5100 DVD Region free

Post by DingerUK » Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:03 pm

I have set it up, during testing I've found that it is locked to region 2. I've picked up some region 1 DVDs during the course of my collection so I want to be able to remove this restriction.

Pressing info gives the following:
S/W: BSP-F5100XUB-1006.3 (From the software upgrade screen I am offered BSP-F5100XUB-1009.5)
Loader: KH1700
Reigon: B/2 (BD/DVD)
Macrovision: BMS96
Touch: BSP-F5100WWB-0x15

I found some instructions on another forum:
To change the DVD region (NOT BluRay region) of this player

1. With no disc in machine
2. Press REPEAT button (NOT REPEAT A-B)
3. Press 5 7 5 3 8 (or substitute for your region code, see below)
3. The current machcines region code will display at the top left (or right) of the screen
4. Press 9 to change the region to open-zone
I've tried following the instructions above but with no response (the current region code is not displayed on screen) I've checked I am pressing the repeat button, not the repeat a/b button.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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