[App] Rooting E, F (and H?) Bluray

Samsung's BluRay player related hacks.

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Re: [App] Rooting E, F (and H?) Bluray

Post by JeppeTh » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:46 pm

Got a new router - wanted to run iperf on my BD-F7500. Seems I found it in /mtd_exe/Network/iperf
I noticed I can't exit from it though? ^C doesn't work for me.
Isn't it possible to send signals - or its just my telnet client? When ^C at prompt it outputs a heart?

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Re: [App] Rooting E, F (and H?) Bluray

Post by fikim99 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:54 pm

Is it possible to root on BD-E8300 ???
Firmware B-ECBHRDEUC-1020.0


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