BD-E8500 WiFi Lost Connection

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BD-E8500 WiFi Lost Connection

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I have problem with my BD-E8500:

It randomly loses connection with my WiFi router - regardless I am watching something in SmartHub, or on DLNA - it just drops connection. When I try to scan and find WiFi - nothing is found. I have to reboot BluRay and it works fine - till next Wifi lost connection (maybe in 1 minute or in 15 minutes). WiFi signal is very good, and in previous 6 months it worked perfect (router was the same). Maybe my BD is broken ?

On cable (LAN) works OK, but there is no way to plug in cable parnamently.

Anyone any ideas ?


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Re: BD-E8500 WiFi Lost Connection

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Have you solved it? I had similar problems on my F7500, seems having static ip for my device in the router helps.

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