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[How-To] Roll back LExxB5xx, LExxB62x, UExxB6xxx

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:26 pm
by juusso
If you flashed your TV with the very latest firmware from samsung (T-CHL5DEUC-2010.1_Step2), here was no chance to roll back to older firmware because of:
1. TV has no Content library to run FFB
2. Alternative firmware menu is hidden - no chance to activate it.
3. Latest firmware deletes u-boot (it is not functional on those models) - no u-boot access at all.
4. Latest firmware changes kernel to block access to TOP debug menu over ExLink cable.

So all known ways to roll-back firmware are disabled if you flashed the latest firmware.
Thanks gao_atc from, who ported hack for C550 to B550 and other T-CHL5DEUC models.

Important: method is tested and works IF you have upgraded your TV and you know, that here exist alternative firmware on it (T-CHL5DEUC-2009_Step1). If you bought TV and/or you are not sure if here is step1 firmware on TV - you get 100% bricked TV in this way!

If you have T-CHL5DEUC-2009_Step1 as the latest firmware (active), but you didn`t flashed the very latest, you can skip step1 in this How-To.

Step 1 - Activate alternative firmware to rollback from T-CHL5DEUC-2010.1_Step2
Download prepared files

Files you need are in /T-CHL5DEUC-2008.0-v.24-auto-arfix2-net/Step-1 directory:
You need only one USB prepared from one of these archives - choose method you prefer.
  • T-CHL5DEUC-?hannelImport.tar.gz - archive of ext3 partition with required symlinks to unpack to ext3 formated USB, under linux (ubuntu or other) as root.
  • T-CHL5DEUC-?hannelImport.rar - Image of USB with symlinks on it to activate Alternative Firmware by importing Channel settings. It was made with Acronis True Image Home 2009 - this program you can use under windows to make USB disk. After you restore image, you find one whole ext3 partition on it (not visible under Windows!)
Important. You can use second USB (from T-CHL5DEUC-?hannelImport.rar) only once, because after using TV function ??hannel Import/Export? symlinks are deleted and restored original files. So if you want hack another TV, you need make new USB disk from files in Step-1 directory.

1.1. TV is OFF. Attach prepared USB to it and power on TV
1.2. Activate ??hannel Import/Export? menu.
1.3. Select ?USB to TV? and press Enter twice.
1.4. After you get ?Completed successfully...? press exit. If you press Enter here, TV reboots, its ok, go to 1.5.
1.5. Go to Firmware upgrade menu and activate alternative firmware. TV reboots in to alternative, T-CHL5DEUC-2009_Step1 firmware. Do not worry, in Firmware upgrade menu isn`t any alternative firmware again. It is normal.

Step 2 - Restore partitions on TV for correct TOP Debug Menu (TDM) and u-boot access over ex-link.
Make this step just after you successfully finished Step-1. If not - you do not have success and TV won`t accept firmware below.

Files you need are in /T-CHL5DEUC-2008.0-v.24-auto-arfix2-net/Step-2
  • T-CHL5DEUC_2010.1_Step2-Set.rar Images you require to restore on TV. Here is the latest kernel from aris69 with network support (09/12/2010, u-boot.bin and onw.bin image. Basis of this upgrade USB is Step2.exe original firmware.
  • T-CHL5DEUC_2010.1_Step2.exe Original latest samsung`s firmare
TV is ON
2.1. Extract to fat32 formated USB original firmware (T-CHL5DEUC_2010.1_Step2.exe) and attach USB to TV, choose Upgrade Firmware
2.2. After TV finds firmware 2010.1 on it, decline it, pres cancel (it is very important)
2.3. Do not power off TV, remove USB, delete all content from this USB.
2.3.1. Extract T-CHL5DEUC_2010.1_Step2-Set.rar to the same USB.
2.3.2. Attach this USB to TV (here is T-CHL5DEUC on root of USB and few files)
2.4. Let TV find new 2010.1 firmware and confirm for upgrade. (press OK)

After TV flashes new firmware and reboots, You be able access u-boot and TOP debug menu over ExLink

Step 3 - Flash new firmware. Roll back from 2009_Step1 to T-CHL5DEUC-2008v24-auto-arfix2
Here is an pre-Februar firmware v.2008.0 patched with samygo patcher v.0.24 + ArFix_v2 is incorporated to exeDSP.
N.B. Firmware files in this step are unXORed, if you place xored firmware, you brick TV.

3.1. Get ExLink cable and set Watchdog off and rs232 Jack to debug as on Wiki.
3.2. Files you need are in /T-CHL5DEUC-2008.0-v.24-auto-arfix2-net/Step-3
  • T-CHL5DEUC-2008v24-auto-arfix2-decod.rar - unxored T-CHL5DEUC-2008.0 patched firmware + ArFix2
3.3. Extract archive to fat32 USB and plug it to TV. Use ONLY dexored exe.img and appdata.img for this step. You can use your own firmware (original or not)too
3.4. Connect ExLink and estabilish connection to TV`s console over TOP debug menu. (here is telnet client - putty in archive.)
3.4.1. Parameters to set in terminal:

Code: Select all

Speed: 115200
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Parity: None
Flow control: None 
3.4.2. Enter commands:

Code: Select all

Next enter

Code: Select all

on keyboard. Terminal drops to shell console, after # you able enter your commands. TV does not respond to RC.
3.4.3. Next:

Code: Select all

cd /mtd_boot 

Code: Select all

sh +x usb 
TV starts to upgrade from USB and reboots.
After reboot you get active firmware -T-CHL5DEUC-2008. On the inactive(hidden) partition will be the T-CHL5DEUC-2009.

It is strongly recommended to upgrade prefebruar firmware once again to delete 2009_step1 from alternative firmware partition (to avoid accidental activation...)
Archive contains very early firmware, T-CHL5DEUC-1008, you can flash it and activate 2008 patched firmware from menu again ;)

Re: [How-To] Roll back LExxB5xx, LExxB62x, UExxB6xxx

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:19 pm
by erdem_ua
It's really good guide. Why don't you put this in wiki directly? It's easier in that way.

Re: [How-To] Roll back LExxB5xx, LExxB62x, UExxB6xxx

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:22 pm
by juusso
I do, just waiting for positive responses ;)

Re: [How-To] Roll back LExxB5xx, LExxB62x, UExxB6xxx

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:34 pm
by juusso
Ok, we are waiting for results. If you do not get Step1 well, you can`t proceed other steps...

Re: [How-To] Roll back LExxB5xx, LExxB62x, UExxB6xxx

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:16 am
by juusso
1. You still have 2009 firmware that restricts access to console (exact by dissabling 04 input), it is known and you are right by dropping to console by Ctrl+c. After you flash 2008 firmware, you get to console w/o probl.

2. -sh: bml.dump: not found error you get probably because of missing bml.dump in your TV. You can use cat or as you made it - dd.

3. You don't have an /mtd_swu folder, you do not need it. I successfully make dumps directly to usb w/o copying it to memory almost one year and have no problems.

4. Step3 will give you a network enabled kernel

5. ... ?f=2&t=956 is so much different from Step3 because here are different manuals. Do not compare exact steps. But of course you can use both methods and make as you think is better to make (at your own risk)

6. To have network enabled kernel it is enought to make steps from ONLY this manual.

7. why in Step3 there is no "test of the new kernel" before flashing - ok, you can do this step from other manual, probably i will add it here too.

One more thing in compare with merv07 manual: if you flash firmware in step3, you do not need to edit boot.img (or dump of bml7) to have working.
This How-To is dedicated to users who had/have no chance roll-back firmware because of upgrade 2010_step2 firmware. So you can choose what instruction do you use.