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Bricked UE40B8000XWXXH after using ForceFirmwareBack

Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:59 pm
by juusso
Yes, you need ExLink and you get your TV working back easily.

I think here is a problem on some models with FFB if another methods to activate alternative fw were used before. You are not first who get such brick and i will add some disclaimer i think. Realy good is that you restored your u-boot, kernel, you get to TOP debug console now.
Ask if you need further explanation how to restore your bricked TV when you get cable.

Bricked UE40B8000XWXXH after using ForceFirmwareBack

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:28 pm
by juusso
1. Does your cable work properly?
You can check it by connecting Rx and Tx wires together, open Com1 (or what is emulated by usb2serial com number? check in your devices) connection in terminal, and if you get in terminal window symbols you enter, then your cable is working.
2. How long is your cable? 8 meters long cable is confirmed - works. But if you made very long cable, then you can get connection problems.
3.1 Plug TV from wall
3.2 Press continuosly shift and ` buttons on keyboard
3.3 Plug tv to wall.
3.4 You should see promt to enter any digit (to uboot menu):

4. If you can`t get to u-boot, it is normal, that console doesn`t accept inputs. Enter "debug" first and then Ctrl+c
You`ll be dropped to shell console where you have to enter rescue commands.

Ok, good luck :)

Re: Bricked UE40B8000XWXXH after using ForceFirmwareBack

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:51 pm
by juusso
gem0237 wrote:I really don't know which (of many) procedure to follow now... :S
Repair TV from u-boot?
I cannot access it, since i can have TV on/off only using the plug.


"Recovery of Bricked Device"
and start from "prepare USB and there after?
DO I need to DeXOR the image files?
and copy them to TV etc?
the problem is missing files or the TV doesn't know where to load the FW from?

I am kind of lost...

I tried to follow instructions anyway
at step 14 I get:
# /mtd_exe/rc.local
##### System Execution!!! #####
~~[SSPF] [FastBoot.cpp] Initialize, FAST INIT
Illegal instruction
How did you follow instructions without having dexored files???

You can`t restore exe.img from u-boot, so you need follow manual from here ("Recovery of Bricked Device").
Yes, you need DeXor files first! (exe.img.enc -> XORDecrypt -> exe.img =>TV)
You can make it with help of script. More read here.

Maybe on wiki isn`t enought info to understand how to deXor images,
i`ll add here short explanation:
1. Download script and extract it to temp dir (next to extracted firmware)
2. Install python on PC to c:/python27 dir.(Search for Python 2.7, do not use v3.1.1)
3. Extract your firmware to USB (e.g. c:\tmp\), next to samygo patcher from archive (i renamed it to
4. Run cmd (aka console) on windows (ctrl+r, cmd)
5. Input:

Code: Select all

C:\Python27\python.exe c:\tmp\ c:\tmp\T-CHU7DEUC
6. Next:

Code: Select all

C:\Python27\python.exe import SamyGO
SamyGO.xor( "exe.img.enc", "T-CHU7DEUC" )
SamyGO.xor( "appdata.img.enc", "T-CHU7DEUC" )
7. If you do not get any error, after approx 10-15 min you get dexored files.

Re: Bricked UE40B8000XWXXH after using ForceFirmwareBack

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:23 pm
by juusso
Congratulations :D

Flash you TV once more with pre-februar firmware (normal way - from menu, not over exlink) to delete after-FEB firmware from your alternative partition (you can accidentaly activate it...)

Yes, you got stuck on not started exeDSP (i need to notice in manual)

Please give me link for simple Xor.exe, i lost this tool and do not find it.
p.s. Yes, i know that good tool for dexoring.
Thank You for the link! (and welcome to pre-FEB world :lol: )