Samsung ln46b750 firmware 1018.1 wiselink grey out

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Re: Samsung ln46b750 firmware 1018.1 wiselink grey out

Post by juusso » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:15 am

1. Hold ENTER until channel import/export menu appears (maybe you need more time, not 10 sec?). Try get channel import/export menu on ATV, DTV, external sources with attached fat32 USB...
2. Here were some success by pres Vol- and after 1 sec do not release it but press Enter, release Vol+ and hold only Enter until menu appears...
3. Check if your Hotel mode is OFF (service menu)
4. You can try activate greyed menu by toggle HotelMode on/off (channel settings get away, you need tune it again)
5. You can try activate greyed menu like people do on C series to make active PVR (navigate over greyed option until first active menu setting, toggle it...

..if no success, could you please take photos of your service menu?
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