un55d6420 successful downgrade to 1019 from 1026

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un55d6420 successful downgrade to 1019 from 1026

Post by djbordie » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:56 pm

Just thought id offer what worked for me, and also a question about apps.

So after some testing and frustrations with firmware 1026
I was able to downgrade easily.

Using the IP/dns info from the Wiki didnt work.

However I found a thread with a different IP from 2015 (ill try to find that when i get home)

The downgrade worked instantly.

I am now on 1019 and the smarthub app worked.

caveat if it matters, i tried installing the smarthub app first with 1026, left it there and then downgraded then went back to the smart hub and the app just worked...

Now for me questions:

1. how do i know which widget/app to install from http://download.samygo.tv/D%20Series/For%20ARM%20CPUs/
to enable USB drive over network/etc.

2. my netflix is now different and older, actually better. But how do I get the latest netflix? or is that tied to the firmware?

thank you!

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