D8000- Keyboard and moving pointer best solution...

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D8000- Keyboard and moving pointer best solution...

Post by ivanox1972 » Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:06 am

Hi, i am new here and I have 2 basic questions:
1. What is best way to get faster UI for smart hub- keyboard and/or moving cursor. Basic remote control is very slow interface. Any suggestion is Ok: smart phone with what app?, to buy some other remote control, keyboard.... Any suggestion is helpful...

2. Is it possibile to play 3d content from usb hard disc any way (if possibile than which codec and format)?

thanks a lot

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Re: D8000- Keyboard and moving pointer best solution...

Post by Kvedr » Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:59 am

I don't know a solution for first question, but I have some experiences with 3D content.

It is no problem to play 3D videos from USB media. Side by side or up and under mkv video container works fine. I think all TV supported codecs works fine. I suppose most material is coded with X264 or MP4 codec. Picture ratio is 16:9, video material in other picture format is stretched to 16:9. Subtitles are supported, .srt format only, not 3D subtitles format.
You have to manually select 3D mode with 3D key on your remote control. Check also 3D picture settings in TV menu.

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