UE40D5000 From France to Brazil

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UE40D5000 From France to Brazil

Post by Yahnsolo » Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:09 am


I own a beautiful Samsung UE40D5000 Tv, and i love it so much that i brought it to BRAZIL, where i moved to live. I bought my TV in France in 2011.

By the way, i had absolutely no problem with transport or customs, just added a 115*68cm wood protection on LCD side and registered it like another luggage...
I was supposed to pay 2 taxes since the dimensions exeeded the limits but stayed beyond 23kg in total, but the company charged only 1. The TV were secured by red plastic film with FRAGILE stickers on it, and the TV came here without any bad surprise.

So, here i am. I tried to scan channels but as i expected it didn't worked. My question is:

can i change model, or do a firmware upgrade to have DTV channels here in brazil (ISDB-T) ? Or the Tuner is only Europe compatible (DVB-T)? Or i just have to buy an external decoder?

After that, i could try some DX tv, trying to receive DVB-T french from French Guyana (sweet dream, but not that impossible, since i'm located in Manaus)

Thanks for reading

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