How to repair bricked Samsung UE40D5700

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How to repair bricked Samsung UE40D5700

Post by pauliini » Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:46 pm

Mainboard nameplate (paper):

UE 40 D 5707 974B MAIN 1018.1 SUB1003 (updated to version 1027, might be big mistake)
SK10 BN9405225ED 2U4BAQ0197

Written nameplate on mainboard:

Code: BN41-01660B
Model: BN41-01660

What is really my LED TV model because there is so many markings? One guy told me that your tv chassis is BN9405225ED??

Now came the Samsung 40 "LED TV on a more challenging problem when the TV went crazy for trying update After. I pressed Micom upgrade and thereafter became the wait .. I pulled the plug out, because nothing happened even though I waited for approx. 5 minutes. After this trick the TV is completely silent and not even the red LED on the front panel no longer shine. I can not get service menu any more info + menu + Mute + power combination. All voltage is OK, backlights are also OK (tested by disconnect the motherboard to PSU cable). I think all hardware is ok but some eeproms not.

1. Is it possibility to get the TV back to life without replacing the entire motherboard? SamyGo site has a lot of story that Micom eeprom can be restored back to life using a some procedure with Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100 Network Expansion Board is. Some guy still say, replace your motherboard. What is the probability of success in my case?

This is very complicated to understand, especially when I do not know with certainty what eeprom is it correct one to trying to revive. I have no any service manual available. I suppose that the correct IC IC901: ATMLH136 2ECL which adjoins the main logic board is ready for pads HRESET, WP, SCL, SDA, and GND, (marked also following picture). Another possible the IC circuit is IC1203: S24CSO which is very close to the Weltrend circuit and it can also be mixed. See following pictures..

2. Is there some sites to downloadable right service manual or some usable shematics for my tv?

3. Is it good idea buy new eeproms and replace both ATMLH136 and S24CSO? Or if I replace them some other Samsung motherboards (maybe little bit different model) but eeproms bootup routines are ok and tv maybe boot partly so I maybe manage to go service menu to reconfig/update Micom?

4. How to reset these eeproms right way? There is few different method in the SamyGo sites. I already try to reset by closing pins 5 and in 6 with ATMLH136 and also S24CSO but no any lucky.Also I closing H_reset and SDA but no effect.

5. I measured both eeproms voltages and i get very similar result. Pins 1,2,3 and 4 are 0,0V and pins 5,6,7,8 are 3,3V with both eeproms when AC plug on. Is that marking somthing good or bad? I already ordered Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100 Network Expansion Board. I am planning to use it by following info given by Oga83, juusso and some other clever guys too.. And I ask later some more when Arduino gomes..

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Re: How to repair bricked Samsung UE40D5700

Post by alexsmith » Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:56 pm

Hi, paulini! Did you get any progress with your research? I'm on the same boat, just with a different model (mine is a UN40F5500, so F-Series instead of D-Series), but the problem is the same, so the solution might be the same as well. Did you try the TTL cable?

I think the recover process will follow what's stated here: ... com#p86791

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