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[PC] SMPVRDLDE - An OTF Decrypt PVR Downloader - D Series

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:19 am
by Rezik

So I was looking to get better at programming C# and other things and I a great opportunity came up that I would just rewrite the whole Destroi program from scratch myself.

This may seem to be late to the party, but actually not everyone replaces their electronics every 2-3 years so one of the TVs that my parents use for recording is the EU version of the D7650 model. Since I have experience with transcoding from the past and other things, I figured I can do something about the overkill of the official DVB-C MPEG2-TS bitrate that comes from the ISP. So this setup of using a larger HDD for recordings and a smaller HDD for normal videos but actually putting transcoded recordings on there is a really fast way of not deleting them while relieving the space on the XFS recording device.

Because of the 1 hour disconnect issue and the fact that Destroi auto-overwritten the files, I had to extend my visit to basically as if I moved back for a while and fiddle with the sorting of files and sitting through making sure Destroi was working, it was heavily affecting multitasking, so I had to do something about it.

Infact, I actually tried hotfixing the Destroi source, but I got frustrated with the WPF environment, getting it to compile took a few days, then weird bugs started appearing with the GUI that I had no idea how to fix, not only that, I had a real trouble navigating and understanding the source code it self, however since SMPVRDLDE is based on Destroi I had to figure out the whole pipeline and from WPF to Winforms is not easy at all considering I had little idea about WPF and C# in general.

While it's not completely finalized, I decided I would took a few hours and just make the initial release right now when I had all of this fresh in my head, I rather make the thread right now.

Source is also provided because it's probably a requirement, while it's completely rewritten it was still semi-recycling Destroi code, the core meat of it still uses most Destroi components.

SMPVRDLDE Version 0.9.0 - Initial Release Changes Versus Destroi 1.3.3:
  • - Initial changes are suited only for my needs/liknesses - currently meant only for D-Series, but it could work for C-Series as well, tester welcome, if it's an easy fix I could do it.
  • - Switched to Winforms - Initial release requires .NET Framework 4.7 Client -- Offline Installers (Available on Win7, Win 8.1 and Win10)
  • - The whole program was designed to be simplified in terms of threading so that any bugs from that are completely avoided.
  • - Dynamic (threaded) operations removed, the program will not connect or do anything until you set all your options and manually start the process.
  • - The GUI is totally different, designed around the 1440p resolution and not meant to be resized, most options are not editable after the first step has been started.
  • - Extensive operation messaging is provided in the status ouput box.
  • - KeyRetMethod is MDB only, DRMGet is not implemented and will probably not be, I think telnet doesn't even work on my TV.
  • - Removed offline decryption - this tool is On-The-Fly only - decrypting while downloading.
  • - It will not list all recordings on all devices, you either manually select a specific device, or only the first device with recordings will be automatically selected.
  • - Will not auto-overwrite existing downloads unless enabled in options, but it has the ability to check if an existing file is valid (partial), if it's not the correct size, only then it will redownload it and overwrite.
  • - The ~1 hour disconnect issue has strangely disappeared accidentially while fixing something else, but it may not be a guarantee.
Some of the planned changes for version 1.0.0:
  • - Implementing selection through the listview - initial release 0.9.0 has manual index only.
  • - Finishing Restart Download Queue feature to work correctly - disabled in 0.9.0
  • - Output Option to skip downloading INF files.
  • - Output Option to replace filename spaces with _
  • - Output Option to backup(move) the recording that exists locally but was marked for redownload with overwrite.
  • - Further fixes for progress bar indications not being shown accurately under certain circumstances (problematic in winforms it self)
  • - This is not a complete list.
Known Problems:
  • - Non-Critical unhandled exception when backspacing the last number in the FTP Connection textboxes.
  • - Some minor issues at selection of the input device when using automatic initially, it will show an erorr, already know what is wrong just don't have time to fix now, just type the name of the PVR device name manually for now.
Now I will be active for some time, but I do things in seasons, I might not be around for months even, but then do a bigger update in one step, but now that I posted the thread ahead of schedule I'll keep checking regularly for at least 2 months however starting a week or so because I have a major cleanup job and need to shutdown/disconnect the PC as well, if someone wishes to take upon themselfs to update the program if I'm missing or might forgot to check back in a long time, then it would be a good idea to make sure that the change is notified properly in the program so it's not just a silent version change and indicate properly where/what code was changed (comments), it would be easier to continue later if need be, if the change is very big then it's better to just rename it and make a new thread, with proper credits.

SMPVRDLDE 0.9.0 Initial Release
SMPVRDLDE 0.9.0 Initial Source Code.rar

Re: [PC] SMPVRDLDE - An OTF Decrypt PVR Downloader - D Series

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:08 am
by juusso
Thanks! And i bet you are waiting for feedbacks... :)

Re: [PC] SMPVRDLDE - An OTF Decrypt PVR Downloader - D Series

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:00 am
by Rezik
Well yeah if anyone at this point has some your welcome, but I made it clear that it's something I had to do for myself primarly and it was all worth it, even if no such community would exist.

Re: [PC] SMPVRDLDE - An OTF Decrypt PVR Downloader - D Series

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:57 pm
by Spoza
Came across this app only now...
The 1440p-based layout is a BIG MINUS... most people DO NOT have 1440p monitors! 1080 is the common resolution.
The GUI goes off screen and it's impossible to resize :(

Re: [PC] SMPVRDLDE - An OTF Decrypt PVR Downloader - D Series

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 8:07 pm
by Rezik
Spoza wrote:
Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:57 pm
Came across this app only now...
The 1440p-based layout is a BIG MINUS... most people DO NOT have 1440p monitors! 1080 is the common resolution.
The GUI goes off screen and it's impossible to resize :(

The program is provided as is according to my likeness and needs. Making the GUI resizable would preferrably require the use of WPF or differently managing the GUI which I haven't been interested spending time to learn for this project. I decided it is too much time/effort for little benefit.

A new version will be posted shortly. I know this is old, but hey I still use one of the D-Series TVs ... even tho it's showing sights of age.