PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

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Re: PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

Post by Denny »

you do no need to run 01_04_pvr_drm_disable.init , the patch is alredy aplied when you start samygo main application.

so, disable this back by rename.

how did you check that the .srf is encrypted ?
if you want to watch .srf on another tv, you can do by 2 ways update game.so (posting @ D series rooting (arm cpu architecture only) UPDATE! )

when you record content, rename it to .ts and check with windows player or tv player.

if you use NFS mount of HDD and same directory is mounted to both TV?s , you can record with both TV?s and watch with both TV?s all contents without renaming accessing it from TV Recordings.
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Re: PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

Post by Taliq »

Works like a charm on my C650. I can now watch it in my MacBook Pro with VLC Player.

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Re: PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

Post by jacksmith »

julianbb wrote:YES!!! tested. Same procedure for BD-D6900 works... recorded on D-series BD and played on C650 tv
I?m just looking for a solution for BD-D6990 - same procedure like BD-D6900 ?
Still rooting of the BD-Player needed ?

Please post a step by step information in Blu Ray Player forum:

Update: I recognised, that my model is a BD-D6900 - not 6990...
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Re: PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

Post by julianbb »

Yes,rooting needed to replace 2 files inside BD
BTW , step by step topic updated...
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Re: PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

Post by Quattro1 »

I finaly tried this instruction. Did everything like it sayd in first post.

But how can I see this recording? Like in PC?

All my recordings go to external USB hard drive. But when I now still connect this Hard drive to PC, then it says, to format it. But I started to think, maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe this recordings can be seen only over the internet through PC? Or I need to copy them from over LAN to PC? But what folder are they in then?

Because over FTP i can see, that there is a lot of folders with samygo app.

And another question. I can make it finally work, then when samygo ticker is disabled, then the PVR encryption is again active? So to be disabled, then always when TV is on, the samygo app should run or is running automatically with ticker.

Sorry, this kind TV hacking is very hard to me. I am impressed, that I got Samygo app working 8-)
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Re: PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

Post by sherpya »

the disk is formatted using xfs filesystem, you need linux or some software on windows that can read xfs, I'm not sure there is something free, you may have luck by using a linux distribution on something like virtualbox or vmware

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Re: PVR Disable Encryption C/D Serie.

Post by nobody »

Unfortunately, this doesn't work anymore in firmware >= 1020.
A popup appears telling you it's impossible to record.
I think samsung put a check somewhere for this.

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