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Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:29 am
by andi
Ramses wrote: If you have FTP access with (in your web browser) then this should work.

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I really don't know what could be the problem. Normal ftp access is working just fine. For testing I also disabled Windows firewall completely, but there is no difference.
I added my path to configuration file, but it does not work.
Then, I also got an idea to create a symbolic link on Linux filesystem directly for one of the supported paths. The virtual path /dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS is now directly accessable by ftp,but it still doesn't work. I suspect that it is related to the operating system: I am using 64-bit Win7 with 64-bit Java 6 environment.

Any ideas?

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:54 am
by rol
I have also win7 x64, and the same problem.

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:31 pm
by Ramses
rol wrote:I have also win7 x64, and the same problem.
@andi & @rol
If you're using Java 7 and Windows 7 together there is a known bug and solution.

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:47 pm
by Ramses
Samy PVR Manager version 0.96 is available for download.
- much more debug information
- debug file "debug.log"
- menu "Option" > Validate Inf
- and some bug fixes

Custom favorite (bits):
eg. Fav 1 & Fav 4
Bit 1 = 1 & Bit 4 = 8

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Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:24 pm
by rol
Yeah! With the option, I can finally get the recording list with FTP. Thanks for the tip!

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:38 pm
by andi
I am using Java 6, not Java 7 and I disabled Windows firewall completely, so the issue with IPv6 should not be the case.
However, everything works fine with version 0.96. In my case, all I had to do was add:
in configuration file and I didn't even have to use the option

Thanks for all!

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:30 am
by rol
I've noticed that you have added some flags I've discovered in the INF files in your INF format page. Unfortunately, there were 3 errors in the text I've posted here. These 3 flags were in the wrong order. Here is the correct information:
rol wrote:0x1906: Subtitles flag (1=present, 0=absent)
0x1908: Teletext flag (1=present, 0=absent)
0x190A: Audio Description flag (1=present, 0=absent)
Also, you forgot to add the information about the Guidance Info.

I've also discovered how the Language and Category are saved in the INF file. The full text of the Language and Category is present in the file (translated in the language configured by the user), but I wonder why, as the TV doesn't seem to use them. Instead, it uses the 4 last bytes of the file.

The bytes at 0x1D24 and 0x1D25 is the index (little endian) of the Language string in the list of translated strings. For example, if your TV is configured in English and the values at 0x1D24 and 0x1D25 are 0x14 and 0x02 (0x0214), then the language string displayed by the TV is "English". With the values 0x16 and 0x02 (0x0216), the text is "French". When you change the language of the menus with the settings of the TV to French, the same values point to "Anglais" and "Fran?ais".

Similarly, the address at 0x1D26 and 0x1D27 point to the category translated string. For example, the value 0x028F points to "Sport", and 0x02A4 points to "Movie/Drama".

Note that all strings that the TV needs to translate can be accessed that way. It's funny, as you can display, for example, an error message instead of the category just by modifying the value with a text editor! ;-) Unfortunately, that means also that it is not easy to know for sure what values are really used to represent the language and category string. For example, it seems that all categories are stored between 0x028D and 0x02AB, but it's not so simple for the language strings. They are mainly in the range 0213-0236, but there is a second set at 0269-027A, and "Canadian French" is alone at 02FA. Also, in some cases, a special string is displayed instead of the language. As far as I know, only "Multi" at 020A is used, but I may be wrong. For example, I wonder if the strings "V.O."and "bilingual" can be used to represent the current language. Anyway, here are the values of the indexes I've discovered so far.

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:32 am
by rol
Language indexes (at 0x1D24-0x1D25 in the INF file):

0213 Korean
0214 English
0215 Spanish
0216 French
0217 Japanese
0218 T-Chinese
0219 Chinese
021A S-Chinese
021B German
021C Italian
021D Russian
021E Dutch
021F Portugese
0220 Swedish
0221 Bulgarian
0222 Croatian
0223 Czech
0224 Greek
0225 Hungarian
0226 Polish
0227 Romanian
0228 Turkish
0229 Danish
022A Finnish
022B Norwegian
022C Serbian
022D Welsh
022E Gaelic
022F Irish
0230 Slovakian
0231 Catalan
0232 Valencian
0233 Maori
0234 Mandarin
0235 Cantonese
0236 Hindi
0269 Latvian
026A Lithuanian
026B Basque
026C Galicean
026D Estonian
026E Arabic
026F Hebrew
0270 Afrikaans
0271 Amharic
0272 Hansa
0273 Igbo
0274 Swahili
0275 Xhosa
0276 Yoruba
0277 Zulu
0278 Indonesian
0279 Thai
027A Vietnamese
02FA Canadian French

Special Language indexes:

020A Multi
023D bilingual
0237 V.O.

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:33 am
by rol
Categories (at 0x1D26-0x1D27 in the INF file):

028D Unclassified
028E News and factual
028F Sport
0290 Children's
0291 Entertainment
0292 Education
0293 Life style
0294 Drama
0295 Movie film
0296 News/Current affairs
0297 Children/Youth
0298 Culture (without music)
0299 Social/Political issues/Economics
029A Education/Science
029B Leisure hobbies
029C Undefined content
029D Arts/Culture
029E Current affairs
029F Education/Information
02A0 Infotainment
02A1 Special
02A2 Comedy
02A3 Documentary
02A4 Movie/Drama
02A5 News/Current affairs
02A6 Show/Game show
02A7 Sports
02A8 Children's/Youth programmes
02A9 Music/Ballet/Dance
02AA Arts/Culture (without music)
02AB Education/Science/Factual topics

Note that "News/Current affairs" is included twice. And "Sport" and "Sports" are very similar! I wonder also why they need so many strings!

Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:55 am
by Kvedr
In my files (UE46D7090) there is the category at this position.
LucianH wrote: One last question - where are the thumbnails held and in what format?

Just for information, I now find this useful in archiving some recordings since it tells me which files relate to which programs. I have had some bad experience with the TV screwing up the USB drive so I occasionally copy files onto a back-up drive. And for info, for anybody else wanting to do the same, it's easy to restore the programs. You simply copy all related files for the programs you want into the CONTENT folder and delete the two database files in the database folder (these are recreated when the drive is connected).
Ramses wrote:Metadata are in the *.inf files.
Thumbnails are in the *.mta files. (base64 coded jpegs)
Keys are in the *.mdb files.
Videos are in the *.srt files.
Where are subtitles stored :?: