[APP] Samy PVR Manager

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Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Post by vesko »

Hi all,

I trying to use the PVR manager but maybe I skip a step somewhere.
I rooted my F6670 with Get ROOT access on F-series without develop account.
Skype always start, than All results were Green in both screens. Power off and on. Waiting for 2-3 mins (mostly more).
Get the IP address (
Start the windows version of the PVR manager on my computer that is on the same network, where firewall is disabled.
Trying to retrieve from TV, I give the IP of the TV.
Than getting the error: Connection refused
What did I miss?

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Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Post by dean6980 »

How did you root your tv.
Can you please guide me?


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Re: [APP] Samy PVR Manager

Post by Michelasso »

Why I haven't any info as output? (see attached image)
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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