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New web inferface (Webif) for SamyGO

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:09 pm
Word of warning it should not harm your TV, i try to release only more or less stable packages. But it runs Scripts on your TV.
If you try it its on your own risk, i had no accidently deleted files, better Documentation fill follow, CODE is more important.
when testing consider to read WIKI and search forum about basic things. but any type of Comment is usefull even it does not sound like.

All files are in $SYSROOT/webif and gets copied to /dtv/www or /dtv/cgi-bin on boot, the installer is just temprary
How to install: Open a shell on your TV and enter the following line (it is the latest installer (because i forgot an symlink its not and you need to "mkdir /dtv_rwcommon/temp"))

Code: Select all

. /dtv/SGO.env; wget "" -O /dtv/install.tar; tar -mvxf /dtv/install.tar -C /
then browse to "http://"TV IP Address"/cgi-bin/Modules.cgi" the button online is linked to here and you can install the Modules you want (you need the Main Module)
How to Uninstall: use Modules.cgi and remove all installed Packs and after reboot nothing should be left (If you changed name of installed files they will stay)
How to Update: just update (reinstall) the package or remove and install again and reboot after to get clean /dtv directory (if you did no changes do uninstall and install again)

EDIT: BUILD=2012-04-23 (Still ALPHA)
as written in viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3856&start=90#p30391 i adjusted commands, not changed date use the fix_cmd modules but not well tested jet (anyway i always use latest version) these are on top of the list

EDIT: BUILD=2012-04-21 (Still ALPHA)
Very happy to post a new Pack from juuso this will replace the Info Page (not physicaly now)
i had no time to work on this this week, but now i had trouble to display utf-16 in a cgi-bin if anybody get an idea just post

EDIT: BUILD=2012-04-15 (Still ALPHA)(fix)
Services enable,disable,start and stop are working (no editing yet sorry)
Moviemanager Rename (limited), Decrypt (ARM only), DRM Detection of files. Problems Displaying Charset
Info Page Still needs more Data for users some nice INFO at the beginning
Install issues should be fixed, more infos will follow, BACK button is REFRESH, TAB opens in new Window (better for tablets)

EDIT: BUILD=2012-04-09 (fixed)
there where a lot of changes in script so here is a new version decrypt and will follow if creators are agree. this is still testing.
viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2820 and viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2433
Main Module: Indexpage and Installer are improved, Info and Services are wip
Moviemanager: take care on renaming feature, but will not modify any files just rename
If you tried a earliere Version you may need to manualy remove WebIF folder from Samygo Dir (maybe initscripts as well)

Code: Select all

### poor_webif.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-05-13 Main WebIF Module MPEGts_patch_D(arm).SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2013-09-23 Allows you to watch ts movies. STFU_mod_D(arm)_E_F.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2013-09-21 STFU mod: change infobanner timers. ChannelInfo_D(arm)_E_F.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2013-09-15 ChannelInfo patch SleepTimerMod_D(arm)_E_F.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2013-09-15 Sleep timer mod RCremap_D(arm)_E_F.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2013-09-01 RC remap tool rtmpdump_arm.SGO_ext.tar #rtmp gateway for ALL series arm, fixed CPU overload! transmission_Mstar.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-06-05 Torrent_client_for_D_seres_Mstar_models. transmission_arm_B.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-06-03 Torrent client for B seres arm models. transmission_arm_D.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-06-03 Torrent_client for C,D series arm models. dropbear_ssh_arm_D.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-06-15 ssh_server_for_custom_rootfs_not_for_public_yet. w3m_arm.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-06-03 cmd line web browser for ALL series arm. curlftp_arm.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-05-16 curlftp module for ALL series arm. ntpclient_arm.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-05-13 ntpclient-2010 module for ALL series arm. serial_unlock_arm.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-05-13 console_unlock_module xupnpd-arm.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-05-19 xupnpd_IPTV_server module for ALL series arm moviemanager.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-05-01 Moviemanager Module Infopage.SGO_ext.tar #BUILD=2012-05-05 Infopage Module by juuso pvr_drm_disable.SGO_ext.tar #PVR_DRM_Disable_Genoa Does_not_work_with_FW_1018 pvr_drm_disable.SGO_ext.tar #PVR_DRM_Disable_Valencia
Today i will provide some files, these are ugly crap of scripts, but works at least on my TV D6500 without killing it.
other files called ext_SGO.tar are the files for the webif.
i am sure you expected something more advanced, but sorry, not yet. please be carefull using the webif installer or tar command are able to overwrite files.
The reason why i use init scripts is i want to happen it with no interaction, small modifications on output will generate CGI input if you prefer to have it in the CGI itself tell me

Re: make samygo more userfriendly

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:21 am
by juusso
Thanx, Deus!
Personally i can`t test this these days, but i believe with your help SamyGO really becomes much more user friendly.
If i understood correctly, the modular install/remove of plugins (scripts+privateer) is implemented and this is great idea.
What about of list of all available modules on the server and installing required ones over webif, not only from PC? Some kind of repository system (like ipkg, or just simple online downloading of required archive to tmp and install without advanced interaction of user...).

Re: make samygo more userfriendly

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:36 pm
there where some problems during scripting cgi-bin is int /dtv and gets deleted with each reboot, because of this i modified something i had before which i used to deploy files on tv, it can not use forum atachments right now because of output filename. but i load the modules from an internal webserver (works well).
there is no checking of TV version yet so user have to choose the right files, but can be done.
based on your previous post everything shoud run in browser, also working on tablet and mobile.
about modularity this is how it should work, remove is not scripted yet.
this could also run on C/E series and others. it is alwas a point of view how to get things done. if seen some tools runing on PC to do this and they seem to work.
so the general question for me is what is expected from user point of view from an webif, also which infos could be supplied for devels eg. what is missing.
it is a work in progress WebIF approach that basically works, maybe open a new thread for an Webif? Brainstorm D Series is maybe the wrong location.

Re: make samygo more userfriendly

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:01 pm
by juusso
what kind of attachment extensions are needed to be enabled?

New topic on D Series ? Software created.
some space on file storage or just from sourceforge can be used as plugin depot

Re: New web inferface (Webif) for SamyGO

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:55 pm
Just wondered where the posts went, now i found them, first of all dont use them right now (just tech preview), atm i am preparing an basic installer and remover for ext packs, nearly done. moviemanager now uses other commands to get infos (hope i can provide something more beta during easter holidays).

Re: New web inferface (Webif) for SamyGO

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:25 pm
by juusso
Just installed and first impression is good!
Sure index.html will transform to more robust form, but the webif is already much more functional than before :)
I don`t know if you need bug reports here,had some not working links, and functions (install.php won`t install anything and also to have it working, the /www/module directory is to be created before the webif.init, else i was getting cp errors. I think this must be done from 06_05_apache.init ).

From my as user point of view:
  1. SHARES: nfs/samba/curlftp configuration window (not only stop/start) - optional for manual setting of server IP and shares(mount/add new/unmount each) or automatic (as is now).
    • DEVELOP SERVER: Changing of develop server`s IP manually (now it just reads out without posibility to change)
    • NETWORK: - don`t know if possible to change IP and DNS (auto/manual settings).
  3. IPTV: Included xupnpd (port 4044), udpxy(port 8888) status windows (or links or fuse it as frames) (if exists and enabled or write manually the server IP`s and ports)
  4. INFO: installed firmware (e.g. T-GASDEUC-1016.1) (/dtv/.info and /mtd_rwarea/Version* ). mac, uuid, free space on storage (mmcblk0p8). Other info is not really impportant for users, in other hand is ok if you know what is CPU model and how much free ram available :)
  5. WIDGETS: Installed widgets list, install/remove user widgets (same way as modules from web server or upload from PC as zip archive...), also here we could have some manual configuration for installed widgets, develop server IP could be here too.
  6. Manage your movies: ok. just silly idea came to my mind - preview of recorded videos over webgui...
To be updated...

From devels point of view:
  • devels don`t require gui for developing... I think all what is needed could be done from shell.
I think other users could participiate and post here the wanted functions for webif. Anyone? :)
Not only D series, but B and C, E series users too!

Re: New web inferface (Webif) for SamyGO

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:05 pm
if you like the first impression you will love the next files, just cleaning up (but shipped with many buggy workarounds)
index is nice in next version, Frames, auto add cgi scripts
1 is a feature request (maybe with quick mount entries) seems nfs init script delays start of samygo
2 if it works of course will be implemented
3 did not look into
4 Basic info for user and what is neccesary if asking for support (Basic/Extended) Infos in one place
5 did not somebody posted this is not neccesary? bacause of a widget for it? (might be easy to add)
6 you got the same silly idea as me, works already for unencrypted SD content (maybe needs a better implementation)
yes of course devels like shell, but if the need user infos, just to make it easy for all (extended Info)

Re: New web inferface (Webif) for SamyGO

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:25 am
by juusso
3. (IPTV). It must be tuned up, here is just udpxy included and shiped to TV. We don`t have xupnpd as part of SamyGO, this could be optional as D series can handle iptv over widgets direct, w/o to use dlna server.
This task could be postponed until we figure out how to do this in best way :)
Personally i`m using those tools running from my router, not TV, this is more rational. This is why i think here should be the IP of external dlna/udpxy servers to have status windows as part of webif.

BTW, just checked and can confirm, webif works on B series too. As expected. FileManager is ok, webshell(shell.php) must be configured, but works over Filemanager`s integrated webshell.

Re: New web inferface (Webif) for SamyGO

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:10 am
Maybe off for another week, no access to TV, maybe i will have internet access. EDIT: Free WIFI @ Hotel :D
if you want to help: improvements on current scripts is very welcome
commands on shell (or just offset values to detect DRM) seen this somewhere. EDIT: DONE
maybe code for a web remote control? viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1792

Re: New web inferface (Webif) for SamyGO

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:00 pm
by NeoMoucha
I need help with this - i get this:

Code: Select all

. /dtv/SGO.env; wget "" -O /dtv/install.tar; tar -mvxf /dtv/install.tar -C /
           => `/dtv/install.tar'
Connecting to[]:80... failed: Address family not supported by protocol.
Connecting to[]:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 10,240 [application/octet-stream]

    0K ..........                                            100%  532.68 KB/s

00:51:26 (532.68 KB/s) - `/dtv/install.tar' saved [10240/10240]

in the "dtv/cgi-bin/" directory, there are only two files (checked through ftp):

when I try the link "" in the browser, i get "404 not found" error
also when I try the test.cgi or Modules.cgi, I get 404 error