[PC] DeSTRoi - PVR Content Decrypting (only for C/D series)

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[PC] DeSTRoi - PVR Content Decrypting (only for C/D series)

Post by Sisternicky » Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:12 am

Ok, as promised, I've made a nice little GUI for the whole DRM Decryption TV Thingy ;)
Only for C and D series!
It is an all in one tool that lets you download movie files directly from your TV by FTP and decrypt them. I've rewritten drmdecrypt in .NET for that...
All you need to run the GUI is the .NET Framework 4.0 (avaivable for Windows XP, Vista, 7). It might even run under Linux' Wine :?:
Localized in English and German.
Latest and final version 1.3.3: look here

E,F series is not supported by this tool. Users with those models have to use SamyGO PVRDecoder (a la DeSTRoi) for E/F series. Changes in version 1.3.3:
- Re-enabled and fixed on the fly FTP decoding (now using small memory buffer)
- Added an option to preserve the original filename that some find it useful
- Various GUI tweaks and minor bugfixes

Changes in version 1.3.1:
- Bugfix: Application Info button was missen ... uups :shock:
- Bugfix: SamyINF Parsing bug was fixed (but i don't this function was used before, but not exactly sure...)
- Bugfix: Fixed some type errors
- Improved decryption performance (thanks to emeska)

-- Feature: Added more movie information in the download tab
-- Feature: FTP Downloaded movies can now be double clicked in the decryption list to show detailed movie information (only movies downloaded with this version and above)
-- Feature: Added on the fly decoding (Decode the movie while downloading without temporary files)
-- Feature: Moved some functions on the GUI to make it more easy to use (hopefully)
-- Feature: Added non-anonymous FTP support. You can now enter a username and password for your FTP Server on your TV if you must (but anonymous is still an (the standard) option).

Changes in version 1.2:
-- New FTP Library: hopefully no NULL Downloads any more
-- New INF File Library: No hyroglyphics in movie titles any more and a bunch of new infos
-- "Reserved for future use" streams can now be decrypted
-- Massive performance improvements in FTP and Decrypting
and last but not lease:
-- Improved error reporting :ugeek:
-- Added FTP fallback again for movie listing

Changes in version 1.1:
- Added Drag'n'Drop functionality
- Added List Sorting functionality
- Added MDB Key Retreival support
- Some Minor Bugfixes
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